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What You Can Do To Protest Against The News of the World

I have seen pockets of cynicism surrounding people tweeting in outrage at the recent revelations surrounding News International. “I suspect if this was France we would be storming the NOTW and smashing the windows in. Here a mildly outraged tweet is the response,” was one that agitated me slightly. A physical protest is still very much a possibility but in this day and age you can have more impact from your front room than you can waving a sign in London with a bunch of mates, or indeed “smashing windows in.” I have read a Guardian article touching on a few methods and obvious actions but there is a multitude of ways that you can act. Key is to influence the readership. Boycotting is all well and good but those that are calling for action on this point are not readers and neither are their friends; do the dedicated readers disregard it all as political nonsense anyway? People are often preaching to the already converted, you need to get creative to get your message to the right people. So here are some of the best examples that I have come across to date on how you can act…

Needless to say the strongest action that can be taken is to boycott the paper – but you being here would imply that you’re already not huge fans. An even stronger message will be sent out if you boycott News International in full – here is a list of everything that they own: click here.

Contact Advertisers and Stockists Via Email, Letter and Phone.

Above the Government and the media, it is the people that have the power. They wouldn’t be where they are without us. Phone the communications department at WHSmiths, write to Sainsbury’s, email Waitrose – they all peddle this newspaper – would the profit on this paper be worth alienating the public?! No. And the first stockist to stand up and say we no longer want to be associated with this paper will undoubtedly stand out as brave and noble – priceless marketing – tell them so!

Sign Petitions.

Look up growing campaigners Avaaz and 38 Degrees they are always campaigning against the BSkyB takeover and are often running petitions for good causes against moves of power that have us all dumfounded. Sign their petitions and follow them on social media. Petitions do have a great impact.

Ask Your Local Businesses to Stop Buying The Papers.
Your local hotels, B&Bs, cafes and greasy spoons will all stock up on Sunday papers – do they buy the News of the World or indeed other News International papers in the week? A friendly word with the Manager may make him think twice about being seen to perpetuate this kind of “news.”

Ask Your Local News Agent Or Shop To Reconsider Stocking The Paper.
If enough people mention it to the same shop keeper and if he or she hasn’t already considered it, it must have sway.

Pressure From Inside.
Do you work in a shop that sells it? Even in the big chains, a word with your Manager and insistence that it be passed on further up the chain will add to the multitude of voices and consciences nagging at the people who make these kinds of decisions.

Tweet Using Hashtags
Hashtags like #NOTW will be picked up by those reading the thoughts of people who have used that hashtag, so if you don’t have many followers use a tag to get it read and possibly perpetuated my more people.

Tweet Those That Advertise in and Stock The Papers.
It carries weight. It seems folly but the more bombarded they get the more they have to take note. Don’t just retweet other messages though or even copy others tweets as your own – write something from you as being inundated with the same message will feel like they are being targeted by a campaign rather than real, individual customers.

Using Facebook
Twitter has its uses but people fall into circles of like-minded people on there – Facebook is where your best efforts could be made in influencing others when it comes to social media. We will all have people who read the paper and buy into News International on a grand scale in our friends lists and these people may regard your calls to boycott as a nuisance and boring, political nonsense. They may even hide you if you bang on about it. Humour is a fantastic way to get through to all your friends. No-one wants to feel like a tosser for buying News of the World so some sharp wit may make them feel like one if they were to purchase it. Twitter’s Twop Twips have been tweeting some gold recently so why not copy the following into your status and put egg on the face of the paper and those that purchase it…

Avoid unnecessary embarrassment this Sunday by asking your newsagent to hide your NOTW inside a copy of Razzle. Via SGFMann

When lining a litter tray with newspaper be careful or you might accidentally get some News Of The World on the cat shit. Via SBlackwell

Like Appropriate Facebook Pages.
Every time you like a page ie Bringing Down News of the World or Boycott News International it sends a signal to your friends about how you feel – some may follow suit. Interacting with the pages also shows up in your feed. You may also pick up useful tips on how best to channel your frustrations and should there be a call to protest, you’ll be in the know immediately.

Get Creative.
Video, humour, music, art – these are things that transcend through your bubble and out into the bigger community and that is what needs to happen. A News of the World reader may not be interested in a satirical blog or a news article but a song may capture their imaginations. Remember, preaching to the converted is a waste of time – you need to gently sway the readership.

This may be necessary but thankfully it looks like this whole sorry affair is finally beginning to be taken very seriously indeed by all political parties, the responsible press, the BBC and the police. But should it not go the way it needs to, people may have to mobilise in a peaceful stand against what is happening.

Interfere With The Papers In The Shops.
It’s not illegal. Put a couple of other less-appealing papers on top of the NOTW stack by accident. Or why not print these off and pop them on top of the pile this Sunday – might make those people who were close to not buying the paper think again!

Right then. I’m spent. Any i’ve forgotten stick in the comments or visit this Facebook campaign and message us there: click here.

But do something!!!

If I should suddenly disappear – remember there is massive a criminal organisation at large capable of doing all sorts of unsavory acts, eh? Follow me by clicking here.


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Three Great Speeches That You May Never Have Seen.

Stephen Fry Comedian

Stephen Fry Speaks Out Against the Catholic Church

The reason I started this post was because I just witnessed something a little special by the legend that is Stephen Fry. In my opinion he is one of Britain’s brightest minds and if he put himself up for election tomorrow I would not not only vote for him but I would drive his election bus; but the bloke is far too clever for politics. He thinks and delivers in a way that you rarely see and he is an inspiration. A friend once described him as, “Absolutely gigantically brained and a very funny man of genius and classic British understatement. He has the best turn of phrase since Winston Churchill and does a great line in filthy humour too. The man is an institution.”
And here he is single-handedly blowing away the draconian Catholic Church… And don’t forget to click on part two as it gets better.

1. Stephen Fry on Catholicism

In 1992, at a time when I was more concerned with crisping my hair into a flammable state with VO5 or selecting C&A’s finest in ski jackets and stone washed denim, a little girl stood up and gave the grown ups something to think about. With a prophecy that is now only just being echoed by the rest of the world, this little girl had her head screwed on properly…

2. The Girl That Silenced The World For 5 Minutes

We don’t often hear soldiers speaking out. If you join the army you tend to be all for what the government throws your way – if indeed you have a choice. So it was refreshing to hear Mike Prysner back from his call of duty with some alternative words about his experience. Warning, hairs on back of neck may rise…

3. Mike Prysner on the War in Iraq.

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