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Three Great Speeches That You May Never Have Seen.

Stephen Fry Comedian

Stephen Fry Speaks Out Against the Catholic Church

The reason I started this post was because I just witnessed something a little special by the legend that is Stephen Fry. In my opinion he is one of Britain’s brightest minds and if he put himself up for election tomorrow I would not not only vote for him but I would drive his election bus; but the bloke is far too clever for politics. He thinks and delivers in a way that you rarely see and he is an inspiration. A friend once described him as, “Absolutely gigantically brained and a very funny man of genius and classic British understatement. He has the best turn of phrase since Winston Churchill and does a great line in filthy humour too. The man is an institution.”
And here he is single-handedly blowing away the draconian Catholic Church… And don’t forget to click on part two as it gets better.

1. Stephen Fry on Catholicism

In 1992, at a time when I was more concerned with crisping my hair into a flammable state with VO5 or selecting C&A’s finest in ski jackets and stone washed denim, a little girl stood up and gave the grown ups something to think about. With a prophecy that is now only just being echoed by the rest of the world, this little girl had her head screwed on properly…

2. The Girl That Silenced The World For 5 Minutes

We don’t often hear soldiers speaking out. If you join the army you tend to be all for what the government throws your way – if indeed you have a choice. So it was refreshing to hear Mike Prysner back from his call of duty with some alternative words about his experience. Warning, hairs on back of neck may rise…

3. Mike Prysner on the War in Iraq.

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